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Prisms of Light 2 Prisms of Light 2 - 4.5 Mb

Prisms of Light 2 is the ultimate puzzle game with 130 challenging puzzles ranging from easy to almost impossible. The aim is to reflect a beam of light around obstacles with mirrors and into a diamond. As you progress onto harder levels you'll have to pass the light over switches and through tunnels in order to open gates and complete the level.

Martyrdom Dungeon Martyrdom Dungeon - 3.2 Mb

Martyrdom Dungeon is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) in which you'll fight your way through 8 large dungeon levels using swords and spells in order to rescue the Princess. You'll need to collect keys along the way, find levers and locate secret passageways in the midst of the mazes in this dungeon labyrinth.

Bird Hunter Bird Hunter - 2.5 Mb

Play this addictive, photo-realistic bird hunting game where the aim is to shoot down as many different kinds of birds as you can. The game displays full statistics including how many of each bird you've shot, how many you've missing and your shooting accuracy.

Ping - The Sequel to Pong Ping - The Sequel to Pong - 2.4 Mb

This is a fast-paced, though slightly old remake of the original Pong game. Play Pong with slanted walls, collectables including lasers and multi-balls and 3 different play-to options (first to, timed, and collect all green blocks). You can play this game with the computer, with a friend and even over a network.

Helicopter Escape Helicopter Escape - 2.2 Mb

Fly your helicopter through the 10 built-in levels or for as long as you like on the automatically generated levels (they're different everytime). You'll have to avoid the blocks and falling spikes whilst swerving for the bonuses and getting blasted from the jets of fountains.

Spid the Spider Spid the Spider - 1.7 Mb

This game is old, the graphics are terrible, the sounds are painfully bad, but... it's an old style adventure-puzzle type game and some people just like these. The 50 levels actually require thinking instead of just blasting, if you like these type of games then give it a try.

Hangman Hangman - 2.1 Mb

This classic hangman game has nice graphics and sound effects and comes with 600 words in 12 categories. You can even add your own words and categories.

Ore No Ryomi 2 Ore No Ryomi 2 - 5.0 Mb

This is an awesome fast-food restaurant simulation. You know the deal: buy food, buy advertising, people come and you have to pour out the right amount of drink and make their burgers. Then at rush hour you get loads of orders at once and you've got to race to get it all done. We've spent hours on this game, much fun!

Infection Infection - 7.3 Mb

This is the ultimate platform shooter game, great graphics and sound. You play a bounty hunter who's come to clear a radioactive planet of monsters so people can live there, or something like that... anyway, lots of shooting, blood and killing, so we're happy. You've got to have fast reactions for this game but it is more than just shooting, it's been very well made, you may need to think about what you're doing.

Jetz Rampage 2 Jetz Rampage 2 - 4.8 Mb

Blood, crime and guns. This amazing game lets you loose in a competely destructable city full of people just waiting to be blown up, even the buildings will fall if you throw enough grenades at them. Each city has a set of missions to be completed before the next city is unlocked. Jetz Rampage 2 could be compared to GTA from a side view. Also check out the sequel to this game: Jetz Fusion.

Jetz Fusion Jetz Fusion - 8.4 Mb

The entire city is at your mercy in this awesome game with excellent graphics and music. Fly around each of the futuristic cities with your jetpack, blasting at everything you can see. To unlock new cities you'll have to do missions whilst avoiding the robot cops, cause to much damage and they'll call for reinforcements and bomb the city just to get you! Once Jetz Fusion is completed you can play multiplayer deathmatch and design your own weapons.

Jumper + Level Editor Jumper + Level Editor - 3.4 Mb

Jumper is an old-school platformer not for the faint of heart. The levels are tricky and require a little planning as well as excellent timing. As platform games go, this is one of the best. Also included is an editor to make your own levels. Also check out the sequel: Jumper Two.

Jumper Two Jumper Two - 2.9 Mb

You're not going to find a more insanely fun, challenging platform game than Jumper Two. It's like Jumper but 10x better. More spikes to jump, more hidden gems to collect, graphics and sound are very professional. This is a recommended game.

Nova 3000 Nova 3000 - 5.3 Mb

Nova 3000 is a tactical, top down shooter. Your mission is to destory all robots on each of the 17 levels (plus 2 secret levels.) You control a ship fitted with 3 different weapons, each robot will only be destroyed by the correct weapon, so you better be careful. Those damn robots are everywhere, kill them quick!

Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness - 10.5 Mb

Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness is a brilliantly made (and quite humorous) classic RPG. Journey through the game world, recruiting new adventurers to join your party and aid you on your quest to locate the sacred scrolls. The storyline is good though quite linear, but this game has everything you would expect from the best RPGs.

Squarez Squarez - 2.1 Mb

Squarez is an original and amazingly addictive puzzle game in which you have to spot patterns of squares from different colored blocks, they could be regular squares, but you get more points for diagonal diamond shaped squares. Finding all those shapes is harder (and more fun) than it sounds. The graphics and sounds are very nice and combined with the great idea this makes a brilliant game.

Penguin Panic Penguin Panic - 3.6 Mb

Penguin Panic is a classic-style fun platform game. I guess you could say it's got that Super Mario charm: jumping on enemies, collecting coins, etc. If you enjoy such games then you'll love Penguin Panic, and it's numerous levels will keep you busy for a while.

The Sandbox of God The Sandbox of God - 7.0 Mb

Play God in this world simulation. Help the humans in their attempt for survival or leave them to their own devices and aid rabbits to becoming the dominant race. You'll be playing this game over and over as every decision you make changes the course of histroy forever, it's in your hands.

Nikki the Ninja Nikki the Ninja - 9.2 Mb

A wicked fast-paced and very gory platformer. Your sister has been kidnapped and so you must use your ninja skills as a hot ninja babe to tear apart all that stand in your way on your path to her rescue, which takes a whopping 20 levels. Contains bad language and some mild nudity.

Hot Air 2 Hot Air 2 - 2.5 Mb

This could be the simplest and yet most addictive game in existence. You're up in the sky in your hot air balloon, and the aim is to dodge the planes whizzing by and stay alive for as long as possible. The longer you stay alive, the more points you get, and the faster the planes come.

Sketch Sketch - 2.8 Mb

A fun and very fast paced, scrolling space shooter. The graphics are amusing as they all diliberatly look like they took about 2 seconds in Paint. The aim is like all scrolling shooters, blast all the minions then blast the boss. There's 8 different powerups to collect to give you extra weapons and special powers.

Liquisity Liquisity - 3.4 Mb

Excellent puzzle/platform game from the makers of Ore No Ryomi 2 & The Sandbox of God. Liquisity is set down in the sea, where you must bounce a ball off and round various obstacles. This game has 50 levels and includes a very nice level editor for making your own so you can give them to your friends.

WWII: Rescue WWII: Rescue - 56.3 Mb

A savage 3D first person shooter. You're dropped behind enemy lines where you must shoot your way single handedly across the battlefield to rescue your soldiers from the hands of the enemy. This game is fully 3D with great graphics and excellent gameplay. You won't get bored as there's always an enemy behind the next corner. Warning: takes ages to download.

Mini Golf Pro Mini Golf Pro - 7.8 Mb

Super fun mini golf game with a whole new twist! There's loads of humorous obstacles like fans, transporters, rotating platforms and mines. You can play by yourself or with friends, and even get your scores broadcast on an online highscore table.

Jetz Rampage 4 Jetz Rampage 4 - 16.1 Mb

The latest in the Jetz series. Ever want to just cause mass destruction in a city with a jetpack and loads of weapons? Well now you can. You can do the missions in the cities to unlock new weapons or work your way up through the different cop levels and defeat the MEGA COP!

BlindSight BlindSight - 6.9 Mb

An overclocked, full speed, digital pod racer. Join the SpeedElite and race your legendary craft through winding tunnels and passages. You must push your cognitive abilities to the max to save the day. There's 5 levels, with 3 difficulties, and also a random level generator.